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The growth factor

August 30, 2010

Paraguay's financial sector is small and underdeveloped but the country's fast-growing economy is opening up opportunities for both domestic and multinational players, buoyed in recent years by the creation and support of a development agency. Writer Silvia Pavoni


Paraguay banks on natural resources

August 30, 2010

 Paraguay's minister of finance, Dionisio Borda, outlines the government's efforts to make the most of its natural resources, attract private investment and build up the country's infrastructure.

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Paraguay ups its game

August 30, 2010

Rich in potential but historically low on performance, Paraguay is making a concerted effort to improve its reputation in an attempt to attract both investors and tourists to the country. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Rich in resources, poor on policies

August 4, 2008

Paraguay’s new finance minister tells Hugh O’Shaughnessy why the country cannot make the most of its natural assets.

Lugo draws new economic map

July 1, 2008

Paraguay’s president-elect Fernando Lugo outlines his five-year strategy, which includes fighting poverty and resolving the Itaipú issue. By Hugh O’Shaughnessy.

Big advantages, bad reputation

July 1, 2008

Following elections, Jason Mitchell reports from Asunción on Paraguay’s economic pluses and the reforms that could benefit the country.

Paraguay on the right path to modern policies

July 4, 2005

With financial co-operatives still indulging in inadvisable practices, the country’s next banking crisis is just about due – but the sector is in much better shape to deal with it this time, reports Jane Monahan from Asunción.

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