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Bolivia’s private banks face a public challenge

January 2, 2008

Bolivia’s finance minister Luis Alberto Arce outlines a programme of state loans to small enterprises and attacks the country’s domestic banks for acting like a syndicate, stifling competition.

Lenders remain buoyant amid political waves

January 2, 2008

Bolivia’s banking sector is thriving on the back of a strong economy, despite fears of a political clash with the leftist government of president Evo Morales. Jules Stewart reports.

Reasons to be cheerful

July 2, 2007

Bolivia’s central bank vice-president Gustavo Blacutt Alcalá talks to Hugh O’Shaughnessy in La Paz about the dramatic improvement of the country’s finances.

Bulls in the high country

October 2, 2006

Jane Monahan in La Paz explores the paradox of radical Evo Morales boosting the county’s banking sector.
If it was just officials in the 10-month old Bolivian government of President Evo Morales who expressed optimism about the landlocked country’s prospects, it might not be so convincing.

What the bankers say: Bolivia

January 2, 2006

The Banker invites CEOs from around the world to discuss the economic climate in their country and institution, and their hopes for the future

Bolivia’s ticking time bomb

September 5, 2005

Despite Bolivia’s political and social upheaval, its financial sector has remained relatively stable. But, as Jaime Dunn De Avila writes from La Paz, the loan system has some fundamental flaws that need addressing.

Shaken but still standing

July 2, 2004

In the past decade, the Bolivian banking system has faced economic crises brought on by social unrest but has withstood them. Jason Mitchell reports from La Paz.

Exports key for lifting economy

May 3, 2004

Bolivia is anxious to capitalise on its resources but political unrest is making this difficult.
Bolivia’s new finance minister, Javier Cuevas, faces a tough task. He has to steer the poor, landlocked country’s economy amid an intense period of political uncertainty.

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