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The Bracken column is named after Brendan Bracken, the founding editor of The Banker in 1926 and chairman of the modern-day Financial Times from 1945 to 1958.

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Green handshake

Green bonds: finding the balance

November 16, 2022

To fight perceptions of greenwashing we must find a middle ground between burdensome regulations and the Wild West of ESG ratings.

Raymond Silverstein

EU banks show slow progress on gender diversity

October 19, 2022

While gender diversity at the senior level in European banks is improving, there is still a long way to go to gender parity.


The euro area is very different from 2020

September 6, 2022

The European monetary system has changed fundamentally in the past few years, as the central bank moved into new territory in buying debt and issuing bonds.

A&O Bracken

Reshaping bank compensation strategies

August 8, 2022

Compensation has always been a critical issue for banks, and remains a source of public scrutiny. It consumes much management time, but it also determines relative advantage in a competitive market that is increasingly concerned about stability, conduct and purpose. 

Bracken CM Murray Beth Hale

What lessons can employers learn from the final Sue Gray report?

July 21, 2022

The investigation into gatherings at Downing Street during Covid-19 lockdowns presents many lessons for businesses, including the importance of leading by example and the risks of excessive alcohol consumption.

Enrique Schroth

The impact of the SEC proposals regulating investor disclosures

June 17, 2022

Are new SPAC regulations necessary, or should SPACs continue to do what they were designed to do?

Bracken June 22

Learning lessons from nature as we futureproof economies

May 19, 2022

Investing in a circular economy can help fight climate change, as well as reduce waste and energy consumption.

Iain Balkwill

The arrival of CRE CLOs on European shores

April 22, 2022

The European commercial real estate lending market is about to be transformed with the arrival of collateralised loan obligations.

Rachel Adamson

The never-ending Libor scandal: why a public inquiry is now needed

March 15, 2022

The financial services industry needs to get to the bottom of what went wrong with Libor and Euribor. Were the right people charged and convicted for the offences that took place?

Farmida Bi

The purpose of business: a revolution in cultural focus

March 1, 2022

Sustainability concerns are driving a change in corporate responsibility. Zero-emission commitments have soared since COP26, but there will be a risk if companies make pledges which they fail to fulfil.

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