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Basel II risks failure without the US on board

November 7, 2005

If the US and Europe cannot agree on a common capital adequacy system, the idea of a level playing field will become a vain hope.

Deutsche’s smart buys reaffirm retail ambition

November 7, 2005

The German bank is ramping up its retail strategy by acquiring small banks – but is avoiding shopping at home.

RBS proves there is no success unless you put spin on it

November 7, 2005

For the past eight years in Britain, we have “laboured” under a government consisting of mostly spin and very little substance. Time and again, vital public sector reform has been fudged – public sector pensions being the latest example – because prime minister Tony Blair is preoccupied with his media image and has little appetite for taking tough decisions that upset domestic interest groups.

A fan of ping-pong and profits

October 3, 2005

Barclays CEO John Varley talks to Karina Robinson about his strategy to maintain the bank’s position as one of the most competitive in the world.

Global equality begins at home

October 3, 2005

Ending global poverty is each nation’s responsibility – but the global policies also have to be right, says President Ricardo Lagos of Chile.

Emerging Europe faces Basel upheaval

October 3, 2005

There are major issues to iron out for EU emerging markets in adopting Basel II, warns the EBRD’s Piroska M. Nagy.

Multi-pronged attack on Visa and MasterCard

October 3, 2005

UK ruling on interchange fees adds to mounting pressure on the once cosy fiefdoms of two credit giants.

Rejecting Merkel risks pushing Germany down a Japanese path

October 3, 2005

Germany’s reluctance to fully endorse the pro-market reform Angela Merkel could send Europe’s largest economy into deeper decline.

Investment banks should disclose more about their earnings

October 3, 2005

Investment banks are notoriously secretive about their earnings. They argue that to disclose more would give away competitive advantage. But aren’t shareholders and regulators entitled to a fuller picture of exactly how they make their money? As a first step in understanding the situation, in this month’s cover story we publish the best information available on the primary markets and look at the size of the secondary business.

Movement of jobs, people and capital

September 5, 2005

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II says that demographics mean that exporting jobs or workers is becoming a vital part of doing business in a global economy.

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