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Making waves

August 7, 2006

For Barclays to succeed in the new South Africa, it must strengthen newly acquired Absa's efficiency and then both must learn how to tap the country’s burgeoning black middle class. Meanwhile, their efforts are shaking up a heavily concentrated banking sector. 

Foreign buyers bring a host of challenges

July 3, 2006

The purchase of developing country banks by global banks can be mutually beneficial. But accompanying corporate governance issues such as a lack of transparency must be addressed. Guillermo Ortiz explains.

China treads a risky path to growth

July 3, 2006

Growth powered by political motives is unsustainable and will lead to instability, warns Arthur Waldron.

Variant paths to eventual banking might

July 3, 2006

Banking in India and China has a long way to go to match global comparisons, but both countries will get there in the end.

No sign yet of calling time on the banking sector’s profits bonanza

July 3, 2006

Our listing shows that globalisation has boosted the banking sector and the three years of record gains can certainly be extended.

Combining vital statistics with financial intelligence

July 3, 2006

Welcome to a truly memorable edition of The Banker. Our Top 1000 edition has for many years become a collector’s item and this year is no exception. As well as pages of tables and figures detailing the world’s leading banks (see page 177 onwards), this issue contains a breadth of coverage that, even by the standards of our global and universal palette, is still pretty impressive.

Mission eurozone

June 5, 2006

Minister of finance Michalis Sarris insists economic indicators prove Cyprus is on track for euro adoption.

Protectionists on the wrong side of history

June 5, 2006

Like the machine-breaking Luddites of the Industrial Revolution, those behind the new wave of protectionism are posing a great threat to progress and economic growth, says Donald L Evans.

A different era for hedge fund returns

June 5, 2006

Gabriel Burstein explains why hedge funds are a poor long-term bet, despite a recent upsurge in returns.

New frontier for back-office outsourcing

June 5, 2006

Three mid-sized Chilean banks have handed their entire back-office and IT operations to national telecoms carrier Entel.

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